Latest Hand Building Patterns

While learning to hand build, I often searched the internet for premade templates. The only one’s that I could find were Sandi P.’s Circlematic. I started creating my own patterns and have decided to share them here. They are all free to download. Inside the zip file, there will be a PDF file and a corresponding PNG file.
Template Sixty-Nine
Template Seventy-Three
The templates can be printed on a regular printer. Sizes larger than seven inches will cross multiple printed pages and will need to be taped together. See assembly directions.

Basic Pottery Patterns Available

Basic Circle Template
Circle Templates
Mug & Bowl Template
Mug & Bowl Templates
Heart Hand Building Template
Heart Templates
Rectangle Hand Building Template
Squares & Rectangle Templates

Older Pottery Templates Available

Hand building template five
Hand-Building Template Nine
Hand Built Pottery Patterns
Handbuilding Patterns for Pottery
Pottery Pattern Twenty-Three
Pottery Template Thirty-Five
Clay Template Fifty-Six
HandBuilding Pattern Fifty-Nine